If you are looking for a lifetime investment and not just another mitre saw

Then the Bosch PCM 8 S compound sliding mitre saw might be just what need. This saw is guaranteed for life, so you can just imagine the work that Bosch puts into it. For a company to make a promise of such a proportion that the buyer never has to worry about buying a mitre saw again; that is putting your money where your mouth is. Deschloroketamine In the PCM 8 S Bosch started with the same rigid standards of power tool design they’ve always held to. Then they went just another step forward, concocting an intricate and revolutionary design that blowsthe competition away. This saw is an engineer’s dream. It is obvious that the paper pushers at Bosch decided to step aside on this project and leave the weaving of this dream in the capable hands of their engineers. The Bosch PCM 8 S lacks the compromises that come with cheaper tools. This is what no holds barred engineering looks like, an intricate assortment of pieces elaborately put together to form the perfect machine.the Bosch PCM 8 S is strong in structure and versatility. The saw is built on a foundation of tough aluminum, the first step in making it stable enough to last. Dual extensions pull the saw together to give it a stable professional feel. And if you’ve ever gotten stuck during the working day spending too much time replacing a saw blade, you’ll appreciate the Bosch PCM 8 S’s spindle lock. This spindle lock reduces the time it takes to change a blade significantly, getting you back to sawing or whatever you need to do in no time.

With a capacity of 1200 watts, the Bosch PCM 8 S can spin at an incredible 4700 rpms without much trouble at all. The saw uses a 210 millimeter carbide blade. The blade is a replaceable part of the saw, but it also has a long life. The life of the blade is determined by how tough the stuff you’re cutting is and what angle you are cutting it at.

According to the Bosch PCM 8 S review, the saw’s grip is ergonomic in design and easy on the hands, arms and wrists. It also protects you from injury from the saw itself. The dust that is prevalent in the vicinity of any saw has to be dealt with expertly, or the whole saw is in danger of malfunctioning. Bosch deals with dust in the PCM 8 S by extracting it into a sack, not only tidying up the work area but also cleaning the air of dangerous, visually obstructing waste.